How to increase organic traffic quickly with SEO and content from AI content

Are you an SEO expert or a website owner looking to attract organic traffic from Google through SEO? Do you face any of the following issues:

  1. Your website doesn’t rank anywhere, resulting in no traffic and stunted business growth.
  2. Despite investing in numerous SEO tools and advertising companies, your website still ranks on page 10.
  3. You have tried optimizing your SEO content yourself, investing time and money in online courses, but you’re unsure how to improve your rankings.
  4. You spend hours manually optimizing your content because your SEO tool lacks proper guidance.
  5. You suffer from writer’s block and struggle to generate ideas and write content.
  6. You are always short on time and struggle to write lengthy, high-quality content.
  7. You receive low-quality and shallow content from hired contributors, requiring you to spend time editing rather than starting from scratch.

If you desire a tool to assist with your writing tasks, helping you create content quickly and effectively, AIKTP.com – the AI Blog content Writer is the perfect solution for you. 

AIKTP and AI-generated content offer the following advantages:

Writing thousands of focused words without being vague: AIKTP provides lengthy content containing thousands of words, unlike other tools that offer only a few hundred words.

Ensuring unique content: AIKTP utilizes AI technology from OpenAI, the company behind the renowned application, to guarantee your content is unique and not copied from unrelated sources.

Optimizing content for relevance: AIKTP’s AI constructs your content in an optimized manner, enhancing its relevance in the eyes of Google. If Google understands and deems your content relevant to your targeted SEO keywords, it will undoubtedly rank it.

Generating purposeful long-form content: Writing detailed content with 3,000 words, such as blog posts and articles, is more challenging than creating shorter content of 150 words for social media or emails. Long-form content requires greater focus, dedication, research, data collection, and logical organization of ideas.. Writing longer content takes more time as it requires consideration of structure, organization, grammar, spelling, and logical coherence. Writing longer content is particularly important for search engine optimization (SEO) as Google values longer content due to its provision of more information and details. Providing comprehensive and high-quality information in longer content can increase visibility in search results and attract readers.

In summary, writing detailed content with 3,000 words is more challenging than writing shorter content with 150 words. It requires focus, dedication, and more time. However, longer content is more important for SEO and provides more useful information for readers.

Top 10 search results for your keywords

AIKTP helps you publish the best content among the top 10 search results for your keywords. By analyzing high-ranking pages using the “SERP analysis” tool, AIKTP gathers all the topics mentioned by these pages and presents them to you within seconds. This saves you hours of researching SERPs for information and allows you to simply add the topics you like to your content.

With the SEO scoring tool, you can assess the depth of your content and identify any important topics missed by top-ranking pages. By comprehensively covering all the topics mentioned by the top 10 pages, your content has the opportunity to become one of the best, gaining Google’s trust in expertise and ranking on the top position of Google’s page 1.

To become an expert, you can collect and answer questions from search queries. One of the initial SEO suggestions you receive from SEO experts to improve your website’s ranking is to research what your competitors are doing on their websites, replicate their successful strategies, and do better. While you can do this yourself, it requires extensive time and effort in SERP research. To enhance your efficiency, AIKTP automates and accelerates this process when you click the Suggestion button.. By studying SERP, AIKTP collects the questions readers are interested in so that you can answer them in your content. By analyzing high-ranking pages, AIKTP identifies the most frequently linked websites for you to quote and link to reputable sources.

Quickly and meticulously build an outline

While artificial intelligence is designed to generate content from scratch, to achieve the best quality output, you need to provide specific requirements and instructions.

With the Outline Writing tool, you can customize and personalize long-form content according to your preferences, using rich data and information gathered from top-ranking pages and SERP.

AIKTP’s AI offers you four options for building an outline, catering to all needs from simple to complex, shallow to in-depth:

  • Building an outline with AI
  • Building an outline with Serp
  • Building an outline with competitor analysis
  • Manual outline building

Increase organic traffic quickly with SEO

Remember the frustrating times when you spent hours rewriting headlines because they weren’t optimized for SEO or weren’t compelling enough to attract clicks to your website? Or the days you spent contemplating on outlining, structuring, including new keywords in your content?

A new way to do SEO: Automated optimization

Now, with AIKTP’s AI Auto SEO Optimizer, you won’t have to worry as much. The Auto SEO Optimizer analyzes your content and immediately identifies optimization opportunities to improve your content’s performance on SERP. And here’s the best part: instead of just telling you what to do, the Auto SEO Optimizer optimizes it for you. It automatically optimizes your content to rank in the top 10 and bring in the massive traffic you’ve been waiting for.

Optimize your headlines

Based on your target keywords to satisfy both Google and user preferences, the headline is a ranking factor, meaning optimizing the headline will help your page rank higher on SERP.

With just one click, AI Auto SEO Optimizer optimizes your headline based on the target keyword and the top 10 pages, ensuring it not only pleases Google but also stands out on SERP and attracts clicks.

The result? Your page climbs in rankings and attracts traffic like never before.

Optimize your URL slug

Google values pages with clear and concise URL slugs as they make understanding and crawling them easier. The URL slug is also a great and legitimate opportunity to include your target keywords.. Therefore, the AI Auto SEO Optimizer automatically optimizes your URL slug to ensure it aligns with the target keyword and adheres to best practices, saving you valuable time trying to manually think and adjust the URL slug. This ensures that your URL slug is attractive to Google’s algorithm and reader-friendly.

Keyword Optimization

Keywords need to be present in the context for Google to understand what your content is about. Using high-value keywords with a high search volume will give your article an advantage.

Businesses seek reputable websites and frequent links from top-ranking pages and automatically add navigational links to similar websites within your content.

Google places great importance on good anchor text usage and descriptions. That’s why the Auto SEO Optimizer utilizes NLP and AI technology from AIKTP, trained on data from the top 10 pages on SERP, to use the best keyword as anchor text.

SEO Scoring

AIKTP uses 15 SEO parameters to score your article’s SEO. This allows you to easily determine the quality of your article in Google’s eyes.

Here is a detailed description of the SEO parameters used by AIKTP:

  1. Primary keyword: This parameter evaluates the use of the primary keyword in your article. You should ensure that the primary keyword appears in multiple important positions within the content.
  2. Article length: AIKTP checks the length of the article, which is crucial for SEO. You should write articles of appropriate length, neither too short nor too long.
  3. Article title: AIKTP evaluates whether the article title is appealing and contains the primary keyword. The title should be compelling to attract readers and provide accurate information about the article’s content.
  4. Description (meta description): This parameter assesses the article’s description. The description should be impactful and encourage users to click on your link in Google’s search results.
  5. URL: AIKTP provides an evaluation of the clarity and friendliness of the URL. You should use short, keyword-rich, and readable URLs.
  6. Secondary keywords: AIKTP checks the usage of secondary keywords in the article. Using relevant secondary keywords related to the main topic can improve SEO.
  7. Headings within the content: AIKTP determines whether you have used appropriate subheadings (headings) or not. Subheadings should be appropriately marked and support the organization of the article’s content.
  8. Keyword density: AIKTP evaluates the ratio of using the primary keyword within the content. You should use keywords naturally and avoid spamming.
  9. Internal links: AIKTP checks if you have created internal links between articles on your website. Internal linking provides useful connections and increases Google’s discoverability..
  10. External links: AIKTP determines whether you have created links to reputable and relevant websites in your article. External links can significantly improve your SEO.
  11. Primary (secondary) keywords in H2, H3, H4 tags.
  12. Start the article, title, and URL with primary keywords.
  13. Headings should include some keywords.
  14. Use keywords in “alt” tags.


Thanks to the combination of AI in writing and content creation, along with SEO tools, AIKTP SEO Auto Optimizer allows you to easily create high-quality content and achieve high rankings in Google’s eyes. Especially if you want to use the AIKTP Tool, you can click on the registration link and try it out for free.

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