Jasper AI vs AIKTP – Which is best AI Blog Writer in 2023

AI writing assistants have become increasingly valuable for optimizing content creation. If you’re considering whether to choose Jasper AI or AIKTP, this guide provides insights to help you decide.

The top AI applications can enhance productivity and assist with daily tasks. Leading tech companies like Google have integrated generative AI assistants into everyday writing software such as Docs and Gmail. Exploring this technology might be advantageous for overcoming copywriting challenges.

AI writing assistants now offer a wide range of features, including generating fresh content ideas and suggesting improvements to existing copy. While some tools rely on integrations, most assistants provide templates, tools, and even the ability to adjust writing tone, effectively eliminating writer’s block.

Drawing from my ten years of SEO writing experience and a strong interest in productivity apps, I conducted tests on two popular AI writing assistants to compare their capabilities.

Introduction to Jasper AI

Jasper AI refers to an artificial intelligence system named “Jasper.” It is a cutting-edge technology developed to simulate human-like intelligence and perform various tasks that typically require human cognitive abilities.


Jasper AI

Formerly known as Jarvis, Jasper AI employs generative AI to assist in writing and repackaging content into various formats. In addition to its useful tools for overcoming writer’s block, what sets Jasper AI apart is its ability to generate visual content.

Moreover, Jasper can be trained on your brand using the Memory function and applied across numerous platforms, including email and social media, thanks to its wide array of templates.

Overview of Jasper AI

Main features: Analysis of tone and style, optimization of content, writing suggestions, SEO mode, AI art tool

Ideal for: Bloggers focusing on SEO, writers seeking assistance with grammar, spelling, and rewriting

Pricing: Starting at $39 per month with annual billing, includes a free trial

Jasper AI Advantages

Enhanced Integrations Compared to AIKPT

Jasper AI surpasses its competitor, AIKTP, with its integration of Rank Math SEO. This integration allows for real-time search engine optimization checks while writing content. 

Another powerful integration utilized by Jasper is Grammarly, which aids in grammar, formatting, spelling, and sentence structure checks. It proves beneficial for writers seeking extra support.

Diverse Selection of Pre-set Templates

Jasper AI offers an extensive collection of pre-set templates across various domains, including social media, blogs, and general marketing tasks such as email writing. Once a template is chosen, users can easily fill in the required fields and select the desired tone of voice to generate initial copy. Additionally, users have the option to write in the style of their favorite celebrity, adding a fun touch to the process.

Jasper.ai provides various templates for different purposes.

Rephrase and Rewrite Functionality

Jasper AI offers the option to create long-form content with its “Rephrase and Rewrite” feature. Rather than generating entire articles quickly, this feature focuses on checking and rewriting paragraphs. It proves useful when the AI output lacks accuracy and sounds somewhat generic. Although human editing remains the most effective way to review content, this level of control discourages excessive reliance on the system.

Cons of Jasper AI

Additional features come at an additional cost

While Jasper AI provides useful features like SEO integration and plagiarism detection, it’s important to verify if your desired add-ons are included in the overall pricing.

Limited ease of access for the free trial

If you’re new to AI writing assistants and interested in giving them a test run, you may prefer starting with a free trial. However, with Jasper AI, you’ll be required to sign up with your credit card details instead of accessing the platform directly.

Excessively complex subjects pose a slight challenge.


overly technical topics for jasper


Previously, I stated my need to address various subjects. Regrettably, Jasper doesn’t quite meet that requirement. To clarify, it began with something relatively broad but eventually started uttering completely useless nonsense.

As an illustration, I dared Jasper to create content about “Configuring the mod_security module in Apache web server.” However, what he generated was so unbelievable that it surpassed even the most imaginative scenarios.

Even if I repeated the command numerous times, the resulting technical content would be random and far from what I needed. This effort only adds to the problem of wasting time with automatically generated irrelevant information.

It is mandatory to conduct your research.

Although Jasper shows a decent level of accuracy, it is important to acknowledge that it is not flawless. When interacting with Jasper, unless you are well-informed about the specific subjects you discuss, be ready to verify facts extensively. This verification process will encompass details such as dates, context, and other related information.

If you intend to utilize Jasper for creating complete lengthy articles, it is advisable to furnish it with a well-defined structure. This will enable the model to generate more precise content that stays on track without deviating excessively.

Additional charges apply for plagiarism detection.

When I first saw the Jasper interface, I noticed two small switches for Grammarly and Plagiarism detection. This made me excited because I rely on both tools to check content. Without delay, I activated Grammarly right away.

Once I activated the plagiarism detection toggle, everything went wrong. Jasper relies on Copyscape to identify plagiarism, but it requires additional payment to use. They are a great match because Copyscape charges based on the amount of content and operates on a credit system.

I’m certain you can envision the expenses that will accumulate when you have both Jasper and plagiarism detection enabled. It’s an intriguing collaboration considering Grammarly already incorporates plagiarism detection, albeit perhaps exclusively on their platform.

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Introduction to AIKPT

Aiktp.com is an AI-powered content writing, bulk WordPress management system that helps you create high-quality, SEO-optimized content quickly and easily based on keywords and outlines.

AIKPT designed to help Editor save time, save money, and get rank higher on SERP

AIKTP utilizes AI on the GPT 3.5 Turbo of the OpenAI platform, which is a version similar to the commonly known chatGPT. GPT 3.5 Turbo is an upgraded version of GPT-3 – one of the most advanced language models developed by OpenAI to date.

AIKTP is an AI write blog content support long article with over 2,500 words

One of the most impressive features of AIKTP is its ability to write long articles with more than 2,500 words. This makes it ideal for creating in-depth, informative content that can help you rank higher on search engines.

AIKTP version 2.0 integration with Rank Math SEO Score, allows real-time evaluations of search engine optimization while creating content.

How does AIKTP work?

AIKTP employs natural language processing (NLP) technology to automatically produce top-notch content. By inputting a keyword, AIKTP examines it and generates appropriate content pertaining to the subject. Additionally, it utilizes data from diverse sources to guarantee accuracy and currency of the content.

AIKTP offers four solutions that enable businesses, bloggers, and SEO professionals to write articles with speed and ease.

Write blog post by keyword

You can simply input a few keywords, and the AI will generate a full article for you, making it a simple and useful tool. Once the article is generated, you can effortlessly make edits, insert images, and further develop the content with the assistance of AI.

AIKTP enables effortless generation of top-notch blog articles by entering your keyword. Utilizing its AI algorithms, AIKTP constructs a meticulously researched and optimized post tailored to suit your website or blog.

Write blog post by outline

This functionality aids in improving your writing accuracy according to your objectives. It incorporates AI capabilities to propose an outline, facilitating the swift and effortless creation of one.

Bulk write – write hundred post

AIKTP has the capability to do more than just write individual blog posts. It can assist you in generating a substantial number of posts simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for managing extensive websites or blogs that require generating content rapidly.

Paraphrase A Post

AIKTP provides instant support in paraphrasing posts using AI. With AIKTP, you can paraphrase your content quickly and effortlessly with the assistance of AI. Utilizing AI-powered paraphrasing technology, AIKTP enables you to reword text in a manner that reflects your own style. This tool is useful for paraphrasing various forms of written content such as articles, essays, and other textual pieces. Additionally, it can be employed to rephrase sentences and locate synonyms for specific words.

Integrating SEO tools.

In addition to the AI-powered writing assistance feature, AIKTP also incorporates a SEO scoring system based on Rank Math (the most popular SEO plugin on the WordPress platform), enabling editors to optimize their articles and achieve high rankings on Google.

Integrate image search.

AIKTP helps users focus on writing and editing content, saving maximum time and improving work efficiency. It also integrates a feature to search for images related to keywords. With just a click, you can find thousands of relevant images and videos, making the writing process faster and more enjoyable.

Unlimited number of WordPress websites.

Unlike other WordPress plugins, AIKTP does not limit the number of integrated WordPress websites. You can add one website or even a thousand websites without any restrictions. AIKTP also incorporates CDN technology to optimize the image loading speed for all the websites you add. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on purchasing plugins for each of your websites, with just one AIKTP package, you can use it across all your websites.

Try out for free for a period of 7 days.

Unlike Jasper AI, where you don’t have the opportunity to use and experience it, AIKTP allows each new account to be tried for 7 days. You can experience all the premium features and also participate in a community with over 1000 members who are ready to help if you encounter any difficulties while using it.

There are no hidden fees.

Unlike Jasper AI, which has multiple additional fees, AIKTP only has one fee to use all features. This helps AIKTP surpass Jasper AI in the price and usage fee battle.


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If you want to utilize an AI tool that has been developed for many years and has extensive experience, Jasper AI is a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to experience a completely new AI tool with astonishing upgrade and development speed, AIKTP is an excellent choice for you.

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