What is AIKTP Tone ?

When writing content for a website, your writing style will depend on the content and the audience you want to reach and convey information to. Some pieces of writing may have a fun style, while others may be narrative or academic.

Similarly, when using an AI model to write articles for you, it’s important to choose a writing style that fits your keywords and goals. AIKTP goes a step further and offers an optional feature called Tone selection, which combines style and goal. In this article, we will explore the concept of Tone and its benefits.


What AIKTP’s Tone

The AIKTP – AI blog content writing tool currently offers 5 writing styles for blogs, but we continuously add new styles to meet the demands of our customers.

Tone SEO Focus 

This writing style emphasizes SEO and aims to increase the rankings of keywords on Google by repeating them often, thereby achieving high keyword density.
Advantages of this Tone:
+ High keyword density
+ Focus on keywords
+ Usually includes 4-6 titles
+ There may or may not be a FAQ title at the end of the article
+ Expert writing style
SEO Tone Input:  
The results of using AIKTP to write articles with the input above and SEO Focus Tone. Click on the image to see the full version

Tone Year In Title 

This Tone focuses on making the title stand out on Google by adding the year to the post title.
For example: 10 Best Writing Tips in 2023.
Advantages of this Tone:
+ Highlight title on SERP
+ Attract more clicks
+ Improved CTR index
Year In Title Tone Input:  
The results of using AIKTP to write articles with the input above and Year In Title Tone. Click on the image to see the full version

Cooking Tone

This tone is suitable for cooking, nutrition websites. This tone will try to propose cooking recipes suitable for your keywords. As well as with each recipe, it will provide suggested tables on the nutritional value of the dish.

The tone can introduce each recipe with an enticing description, highlighting key ingredients and flavors. It should emphasize the simplicity or complexity of the dish, depending on the intended audience and their culinary skills. Additionally, it can include personal anecdotes or stories related to the recipe, making it more relatable and engaging.

AIKTP Cooking Tone Input:  
AIKTP results written based on keywords and Cooking Tone (Full version)

Technical Tone

This tone is suitable for those who work in technical and programming fields. This style will support the generation of code for most programming languages. Helping the article to be more clear and detailed.

Furthermore, the chosen tone aligns with the mindset of professionals working in technical and programming fields. It recognizes their familiarity with coding principles, methodologies, and best practices. Using this tone establishes a shared language and common ground among readers within these domains, fostering a sense of connection and relevance.

AIKTP Technical Tone Input:  

AIKTP results written based on keywords and Technical tone (Full version)


The Friendly tone will write in a casual and conversational tone, and try to bypass the AI detection.
The concept of a friendly tone refers to a writing style that is casual, conversational, and warm in order to establish a comfortable rapport with the reader. When attempting to bypass AI detection, it becomes important to craft content that does not raise any red flags or trigger automated systems designed to identify suspicious or inappropriate behavior.
AIKTP results written based on keywords and Friendly tone (Full version)
Hopefully through this article you have understood the tones of AIKTP and how AIKTP uses tone option to write content

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